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A Thanksgiving Tale of Love: From Unexpected Guests to a Lifelong Journey

A Chance Encounter on Thanksgiving 1997 Transforms Lives

Written By Shafeek Ahmad, Published On 23-November-2023.

Author’s Note: This heartwarming story was originally shared on Thanksgiving 2021 and has been revisited for Thanksgiving 2023 to celebrate the enduring spirit of love.

A Fateful Thanksgiving Dinner

In the bustling streets of New York City in November 1997, a Thanksgiving dinner unfolded, setting the stage for a love story that defied expectations.

A Host’s Surprise

Dina Honour, recovering from a challenging year, hosted the gathering with friends. Little did she know, this Thanksgiving would be unlike any other, marked by unexpected guests and a twist of fate.

Uninvited, but Captivating

Among the uninvited guests was Richard Steggall, a 25-year-old Brit on vacation in the city. Despite the initial surprise, Dina found herself captivated by the tall, dark stranger who would change the course of her life.

Sparks Ignite Over Pumpkin Pie

As the evening unfolded, Dina and Richard’s connection deepened. Over a slice of pumpkin pie, conversation flowed effortlessly, revealing shared interests and a magnetic attraction.

A Night of Bonding

Dina and Richard spent the night immersed in conversation, discovering commonalities in their outlook on life. Their connection grew stronger, setting the stage for a unique romance.

Certainty Amidst Uncertainty

As Richard prepared to leave for London, a sense of certainty enveloped Dina. Little did they know, this encounter would lead to a month of daily long-distance conversations and the beginning of a profound connection.

Bridging the Atlantic: A Transatlantic Romance

Despite the distance, Dina and Richard navigated a transatlantic romance through phone calls and letters. The old-fashioned courtship laid the foundation for a deeper understanding of each other.

Christmas in London

Taking a leap of faith, Dina flew to London on Christmas Day, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Richard, having ended a previous relationship, was ready to embrace the unexpected turn of events.

New Year’s Eve Proposal

Their journey continued with a surprise New Year’s Eve trip to Majorca, solidifying their commitment. Richard’s proposal on the cusp of the new millennium marked the start of a lifelong adventure.

From New York to Nicosia: A Global Love

Richard’s career at the United Nations brought the couple to different corners of the world. From New York to Cyprus, and later Copenhagen, their love story continued to evolve against the backdrop of diverse cultures.

A Family Grows

In the midst of their adventures, Dina and Richard welcomed two sons. Their unconventional journey challenged traditional norms, with each relocation offering new perspectives and opportunities.

Reflecting on Thanksgiving

Over 26 years, Thanksgiving remains a special date for the couple. Reflecting on their journey, they celebrate not only the holiday that brought them together but also the enduring love that has transcended borders and time.

Thanksgiving Tradition

As their family dynamic evolves, Dina and Richard continue their Thanksgiving tradition. Grateful for their enduring connection, they raise a toast to love, family, and the serendipity that began with an unexpected knock on the door.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

In 2023, based in Berlin, their love story continues. Despite the physical distance from their New York roots, the spirit of Thanksgiving serves as a poignant reminder of a chance meeting that shaped their lives forever.

A Conversation That Never Ends

Dina and Richard, forever grateful for that slice of pumpkin pie and the conversation it sparked, continue to cherish the hours spent talking. Their enduring love story stands as a testament to the magic that can unfold on a Thanksgiving night.


This Thanksgiving, as families gather and reflect, the story of Dina and Richard serves as a reminder of the unpredictable journey love can take. From unexpected guests to a lifelong partnership, theirs is a tale woven with threads of chance, certainty, and enduring commitment.

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