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Controversial Divide: 261 Georgia Congregations Sever Ties with United Methodist Church over LGBTQ Issues

North Georgia Conference Faces Significant Exodus as Churches Break Away Amidst Doctrinal Disagreements

Written & Drafted By Shafeek Ahmad, Published On 18-November-2023, Saturday, 11:55 PM EST.

Bishop Robin Dease expressed, “I realize how sad this time is for many, including myself. I just hate that those who are leaving us, I will not have the opportunity to meet or to be with.”

The North Georgia Conference of the UMC referred to the exit as a “solemn day.”


  • 261 congregations in North Georgia leave the United Methodist Church due to disagreements on LGBTQ issues.
  • The decision follows a 2019 ruling allowing congregations to leave by the end of 2023 over conscience-related concerns.
  • Over 6,000 congregations in the United States have been approved for disaffiliation since 2019.
  • Legal battles ensued, with more than 100 congregations suing for the right to disaffiliate, ultimately leading to a church-level vote.
  • The General Conference, the church’s top legislative body, has been a battleground for decades over issues of sexuality and Scripture.
  • The departures are reflective of wider trends in mainline Protestant denominations, including the American Baptist Churches USA, the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Presbyterian Church USA.
  • Four Georgia congregations seeking disaffiliation were not ratified following discussions by the members of the Annual Conference.
  • The disaffiliation will be effective at the end of November, with the departing churches relinquishing the United Methodist name and logo.
  • Remaining churches in the North Georgia Conference commit to fulfilling the mission of the United Methodist Church.
  • This development follows the departure of 193 congregations from the UMC South Georgia Conference in May.


In a significant and controversial move, 261 congregations in North Georgia have voted to leave the United Methodist Church, citing irreconcilable differences on LGBTQ issues. This decision, accepted by the North Georgia Conference, marks a solemn day for the denomination. Legal battles ensued, with over 100 congregations seeking the right to disaffiliate, and a church-level vote became imperative. This departure reflects broader trends in Protestant denominations, and the remaining churches in North Georgia now face the challenge of continuing the mission of the United Methodist Church. The disaffiliation will be effective at the end of November, bringing about a significant shift in the religious landscape.

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